photo of a woman sitting on a dock near the river reading a book

Vitality Yoga 

This class draws upon a wide variety of yoga, qigong, and tai chi practices, as well as meditation and breathwork. These practices help you awaken joyful vitality and enjoy a gentle yet invigorating practice to quiet the mind, open the heart center for emotional clarity, and build physical strength and balance. 

Qigong for Health & Healing

Qigong is a great form of preventive maintenance for your 3 bodies: physical body, energy body and spiritual body. It includes body tapping and vibration (to move blood and energy in your body), meridian stretching (to help open any blockages in your energy channels) and exercises to build power in your lower dantian (core/lower abdomen). This class will include a music meditation and various movements which can be done on the floor or a chair (provided).

Increase Resilience with Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence

This 4-week class will teach you basic mindfulness and stress reduction tools, help you understand your emotions and triggers, and increase your ability to respond more positively to people and situations.

Beat the Winter Blues

A 2-part workshop 

Many people notice a decrease in energy and enthusiasm during the winter season. This workshop helps people understand what Seasonal Affective Disorder is as well as the commonly experienced slump many experiences during the winter months. Coping strategies will be presented along with effective treatment options.