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On-line Exercise Programs for Seniors

There are thousands of exercise programs online, and it can be overwhelming to pick safe and appropriate programs, especially for seniors, or those who are new to exercise. You need to make sure that the program you choose is taught by a professional fitness coach or physical therapist, and that it makes allowances for all skill levels. It may be preferable to choose a variety of short programs that concentrate on different muscle groups, rather than a single program which tries to cover everything

More Life Health is an excellent source for short programs taught by Mike, “Seniors Specialist Physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist.” You can pick and choose from his many programs, including Posture, Core Strengthening, Lower Back, Strength, Arms, and many more, or sign up for his free Exercise eBook for Seniors.

Another good source of exercises for seniors and beginners for seniors is Jenny McClendon MS PT. Jenny McClendon Fit Start for Seniors. Many of her exercise routines are set to music, and can be fun to do!