Grants & Funding History

photo view of the Charles River and trees in Autumn

Grants & Funding History

2012 Metropolitan Area Planning Grant

In 2012, a Metropolitan Area Planning Council grant supported a project to assess healthy living and wellness in Watertown. The following work was completed:

  • Stakeholder interviews with town officials and community groups

  • Document review of Town ordinances and plans relating to planning and health

  • Online Community Wellness Survey to assess active living and healthy eating habits among Watertown residents

  • Baseline Report

2013 Watertown Community Foundation Grant

In 2013, a Watertown Community Foundation grant supported the development of a website for the group’s work and the name Live Well Watertown (LWW) was chosen. Soon after, a Community Health Network Area (CHNA)-17 grant was awarded to Healthy Waltham and Live Well Watertown. The funds supported the ongoing development of LWW and the implementation of the report findings of the surveys and interviews done the year before. The following goals were outlined:

  • Incorporate wellness into the Comprehensive Plan

  • Create a community-wide wellness policy

  • Work with the School Wellness Committee on updating School Department’s Wellness Policy

2014 CHNA-17 Grant

In the spring of 2014, CHNA-17 funded a project called Launching Live Well Watertown, with the expanded goal of finding synergies between community groups whose mission and efforts focus on wellness, and building partnerships between them, as a path to developing a vibrant community health coalition. Grant funding from CHNA-17, Mount Auburn Hospital, and local foundations, as well as funds from the Health Department supported the continued work of Live Well Watertown and the coordinator for the Task Force for Substance Use Disorders, through June of 2017.

2017 Town Funding

In the summer of 2017, the Town dedicated funding to a new Community Wellness Program Manager position to oversee community wellness programs, healthy aging initiatives, and the Watertown Farmers’ Market.